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New 3-Year Contract for Seattle Symphony

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New 3-Year Contract for Seattle Symphony

As reported in the Seattle Times in a joint press release

The Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera and Seattle Symphony and Opera Players’ Organization agreed to a three-year contract extension, through Aug. 31, 2018. With the current contract set to expire Aug 31, 2015, the agreement came 14 months ahead of schedule.

Terms of the extension from the SSO: “Annual wage increases of 3.2 percent, 3.1 percent and 3.6 percent, respectively, with minimum salaries reaching $98,100 in the last year of the contract. The extension also includes a 6 percent raise in the post-retirement defined benefit pension, taking it to $31,680 per year. The contract continues to guarantee 47 weeks – 87 percent with the Seattle Symphony and the remainder with Seattle Opera.”

The SSO had a busy year, with the release of discs on its own label, Seattle Symphony Media; a trip to Carnegie Hall to play in the Spring for Music Festival; the premiere of John Luther Adams’ Pulitzer Prize-winning “Become Ocean” as well as premieres by other composers, including Angelique Poteat, Luis Tinoco, Gabriel Prokofiev and Alexander Raskatov; continuation of new programs such as Untuxed and [untitled] and a flurry of global attention for hosting Sir Mix-A-Lot at the recent Sonic Evolution concert, a series that salutes musicians with Seattle ties.

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